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High-quality curtains and drapes of Krebes Interiors Berlin

Curtains are one of the main components of a room and make – if correctly chosen - a pleasant indoor climate and provide comfort. They are used to protect from views from the outside and make sure that the sunlight will be blocked if necessary. In addition, our curtains from Berlin can be used to regulate the temperature of the rooms. One can consider curtains as very decorative pieces, which convey a special impression. For a deep and healthy sleep, we recommend our special blackout fabrics for bedroom, guest room or nursery.

Quality by fine fabrics and outstanding workmanship

We can offer a wide variety of fabrics for your curtains in Berlin. These are sewn in our workshop and manufactured according to your wishes. Whether you want tapes or braids, no matter which dimensions and which versions - we can surely help you. Upon request, we take a look at your windows on-site and take measurements, so that absolutely everything fits and you are completely satisfied.

Further possibilities for your windows

Of course, tastes differ. Not everyone wants to decorate their windows or balcony doors with curtains. Some might perhaps prefer to use blinds or pleats that also provide great benefits due to their functionality. We offer a complete range of high quality customised production. We are happy to assist you with your project, take measurements and install the curtains, blinds or pleats in Berlin and the surrounding area for you. With our expert installation team soon you will have a new window decoration for your rooms, so you can use them to let the sun in or leave it out and protect oneself from prying eyes. Best of all: because we know our business, you get a result of high quality which will fit to your room perfectly. Quick and conscientious work ensures favourable prices.

Window decoration

A room with no windows will never have the warmth and comfort of a sun-flooded room. But just as important as the window itself the fabrics and accessories, which surround it, is. Ideally, they have functional and aesthetic character.

We advise on all aspects of the window decoration. With this we offer you far more than just curtains. We gladly explain to you the functional benefits of pleats, blinds or louvers. Of course we incorporate the style of your interior design.

Our internationally renowned partners guarantee premium quality of fabrics and other materials. We, however, guarantee a technically perfect installation of all accessories.